Are you the founder of a technology-oriented start-up looking for an (initial) investment of € 0.5 – 1.0 Mio?

Or do you want to learn more about our current portfolio?

Have you already received capital from B2G and are now looking for a follow-up investment of up to € 15.0 million?

Or do you want to get to know the parent company of B2G?

Do you need a sweet spot in Heilbronn e.g. for market access to Germany and/or Europe, but no capital?

Or do you want to become familiar with the benefits of the Heilbronn region for innovative start-ups?

As a founder of an innovative technology start-up, you can benefit from our well-established fund structure. No matter whether you need an investment or knowledge for your further growth, we are here to support you and your enterprise. We are your partner on your journey, not only your investor. Therefore, we offer a broad network within the German Mittelstand and, with our team members being skilled in various industries, we will provide you with exactly the knowledge you need. Get in touch!