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Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

In the quest to create new jobs and bring new industrial sectors to the Heilbronn region, ZFHN focuses on the most promising, innovative industries.

Where is the potential for technological growth the greatest? Which new technologies could provide for synergies with industries already rooted in the area, from automotive to ventilation technology and the production of medical devices? Which sectors could best profit from our location at a crossroads of European markets?

At ZFHN we recognized the benefits of a diverse portfolio from the beginning. We have helped founders build successful companies in several industries on the technological cutting edge, from life sciences to cleantech, from the internet of things to new materials. To get an idea of what our support has meant to founders in these areas – whose companies are now at different stages of development – read what the founders listed below have to say.

Current Investments

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Greenovation Biotech GmbH 2017-12-19T12:02:55+00:00
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Management buyout

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